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The winery is a natural continuation of the work begun in the vineyards. Vinification of our grapes takes place after a highly managed manual harvest, mostly using vitrified cement vats, with no direct temperature regulation. Our aim is to minimise as far as possible the use of technology and chemicals: these are seen more as a limitation than a help, standardising the wines instead of letting their particularities and unique characters emerge. We try to avoid filtration which might similarly reduce the expressions of the soil and the vines in the wine.


2018 Cellar Report

Cellar 01
Giacomo Mastretta, wine-maker
Giacomo Mastretta, wine-maker
cellar 02
cellar 03
cellar 04
cellar 05
cellar 06
Tour of the cellars
Tour of the cellars
cellar 07
Ancient passageways under the villa
Ancient passageways under the villa
cellar 08
cellar 09
cellar 10